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The villa is built on a hillside with a stunning natural environment. With a backdrop of trees, hills and mountains, the views of the open ocean from the second floor are very beautiful, constructed creatively by professionals.


Focus on designs that match the desires of the owner to relax in various dimensions such as the placement of the terrace and pergola on the second floor as a seating area, swimming pool overlooking the sea view, even more interesting at sunset. The contexts surrounding the house are surrounded by nature and the landscape that makes people hooked and reluctant to leave this villa which is used for vacation by the owner.


Pergola/sun roof on the second floor, looks beautiful and stylish. Roof tops with good drainage and gutters to avoid leaks and rainwater sprays that may enter the room during a rainstorm so that people inside stay comfortable in all weather, especially on the tropical weather where the villa is built. Beautiful and open design allows natural light to enter the rooms, creating an environmentally friendly villa. The Villa looks transparent with large windows and glasses, a villa with the concept of openness in the activity.


This angle shows a modern-style villa with a remarkable story located on a hill. The advantage of this villa is the main place overlooking the sea view is very pleasant, it is ideal as a villa for vacation and unwind.


The construction materials used in this villa are also very close to nature such as wood, brick and stone which are used as the main structure of columns, beams, floors, ceilings and furniture. The balcony is designed to make the occupants feel the sensation on the hill. The garden is created with fresh tropical plants and decorations outside and around the villa, that match the surrounding natural colors.


In addition to the fun, another factor that is very important to note is the security, because the location of the villa on the hill. The structure of this villa should be very strong. Also the woods are designed strongly. The road up to the villa also features a strong and locked gate.


Another thing that is also interesting is, the arrangement of dimensional lighting that takes the point of light that produces beautiful light. A warm and comfortable arrangement.


Apart from all the above description, It is undeniable, choosing the services of building a house or building contractor is not a matter as easy as looking for services for small repair needs such as refrigerator or ac service. Everyone wants building contractors who are able to work deftly and produce results that match expectations. In addition, the budget should not exceed the financial ability. Perhaps

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Thus the article today, may be useful for us all, have a good time!!!

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