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Construction of buildings made as a means and infrastructure of various human needs, so that in its development too, many important aspects that need to be paid attention, for perfection of a building. In addition, a building can also be the addition or change of an existing one that is used for certain purposes.

Buildings are formed with the specific purpose of the parties concerned. The function of the building consists of construction groups such as buildings, transportation, water and special building. Buildings, can be: hotel, hospital, home, office and so on. Examples of transportation are: roads, bridges, ports and other facilities. Irrigation channels and culverts can be categorized as water structures. While the electric tower, radio and television transmitter is a type of special building.

Important requirements of building construction are:

  • Strong and Durable:

A building must be sturdy, not easily damaged, so it can save repair costs. The support must be sturdy so that the building can stand for a long time.

  • Functional:

A building is built according to its usefulness, including in the form, size and organization of each room that must be in accordance with the needs of its users.

  • Beautiful:

Buildings with beautiful architecture and interiors will get a lot of attention, the more unique an architecture the higher the aesthetic value.

  • Hygienic:

Hygienic is not just about the cleanliness of the building, but hygienic is if a building has enough air and light circulation so that residents feel comfortable and healthy.

  • Economical:

There is no excessive waste during construction, so the cost becomes effective and efficient in accordance with its functions and needs.

Similarly, elements that need to be considered in applying a building. A building is said to be good if it is environmentally friendly and does not interfere the comfort of the people around the building, so it can minimize the risk of development.

There are several points to be taken into account in determining the estimated price for building services or building construction. These points should be detailed in the BOQ (Bill Of Quantity) for your building construction project.

The points are:

  • Form of building construction
  • The size of the building
  • Location of the building
  • Specification of materials used
  • Time of material supply (related to the rise and fall of the price of building materials)

Precise estimates of construction cost prices are also influenced by experience in making BOQ. For that, make sure to use the services of building contractors who have experienced.

To get a building contractor that fits your project, also you should pay attention is to choose a contractor company that has certain criteria as follows :

  1. Work experience
  2. The legality of the company

Our company has more than a decade of providing building construction services. We are ready to serve building services for government agencies, public facilities, office buildings, companies, hotels, villas and others.

We are legal and have a legitimate business license to serve the needs of building construction for government projects and state-owned companies, as well as private buildings. Our company is also ready to be a sub-contractor for your projects.

We serve the construction of buildings throughout the city of Mataram, Lombok Island, even outside the island.

We have completed many construction projects as you can see on this website. All of our work experiences of building construction proving the high trust given to us by our clients, their projects have been successfully completed by our construction team. By entrusting your building construction project to us, it means you will join the list of customers who are satisfied with the work we provide.

Contact us through this website, to get a free consultation on your building construction project.


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